Send QR codes in unpaid order emails

Send QR codes in unpaid order emails

We updated the Payster app: now, Shopify merchants that operate with the euro currency can send their customers emails with payment QR codes.

Send QR codes in unpaid order emails

QR code payments have quickly grown from an emerging concept to a steadily growing market. With easy to deploy QR codes, you can provide customers with a fast and convenient way to pay for their orders. 

The updated version of Payster allows European merchants to include payment QR codes in unpaid order reminder emails. If your Shopify store uses EUR by default, you can profit from this feature and incentivize customers to pay for orders. 

How to add a QR code to your payment reminder email

With Payster, it’s a piece of cake. All you have to do is:

  1. Check if EUR is set as the default currency in your store
  1. Go to Payster settings, and fill in your bank information
Setting a payment QR code in the Payster app
  1. Use the {{ qr_code }} variable in your email

That’s it—you’re all set! The order amount is added to the QR code automatically by the app, as well as the order ID. 

Here’s what your email will look like:

Payment reminder email with a QR code

We hope this simple trick will help you recover more orders. If you have any questions about Payster, feel free to reach out to us. 

About Payster

Payster is a Shopify app that allows you to discover unpaid orders and set automated reminders to customers. It offers you an email template you can customize and get your customers to complete their purchases. 

If you haven’t tried Payster yet, you can enjoy a 2-week free trial. The monthly subscription starts from $9.99. 

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