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Transcy is a handy translation & currency converter for Shopify that will help your store speak with your customers in their mother tongue, offering prices in visitor’s currency.

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Transcy’s developers took the challenge to create the best translation & currency converter app seriously, analyzing each step of the purchasing funnel. Integrating a geolocation auto-detection system, Transcy can provide your customers with information in their native language from the first seconds of their surfing your store. 

To offer this, Transcy has 111 languages in its library. The AI system will translate all pages of your store: homepage, product page, checkout page, about us page, etc. It also allows translating content from 3rd-party apps

The translation of the content is performed in real-time, meaning that all new information that you have added to the store or edited is translated simultaneously. Even more! You can link images like banners to particular languages to show your appreciation of the local context. 

Transcy is also about converting the prices into the visitors’ currencies. The app converts product price, tax, and other fees. To be accurate, the exchange rate is updated every day, and there is an option to edit the rate manually. Transcy can convert into 167 currencies.

There are four pricing plans and a 7-day free trial. The Free plan will allow you to work with only one foreign language and one currency but translate unlimited words and pages. The Basic plan costs $11.90/month and offers two languages to work with. The next plan is a Growth, $29.90/month. With this plan, you can translate your store into 111 languages and 167 currencies and enjoy basic autotranslation. The last plan, Premium, costs $59.90 per month and provides you with all the premier features in the app and a customer success manager. Plus, Transcy also has an Enterprise plan for big stores with more advanced store translation needs.


Autotranslation is available

Easy to manage translations from the single page

Ability to link images to a certain language

Customer support 24/7


Autotranslation can cause some troubles if unsupervised

When uninstalled, Transcy might cause bugs in your shop

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