New Feature in Gift Box – Buy Product X and Get a Free Gift

Since we have launched Gift Box, we are constantly collecting merchants’ feedback. And there is truly a handful of it which is great.

Besides the missing discount coupon field in the checkout which we are currently working on we finally released in March 2020, the second most popular request was a possibility to grant a free gift when a customer purchases a specific product. And we are super excited to announce this feature is now available to all merchants.

How does it work

Originally, the Gift Box app allowed a customer to receive a free gift when they spend a minimum amount. The new feature allows a merchant to choose between minimum spend and the specific product being added to a cart.

When a customer adds a specific product, the free gift is automatically confirmed and added during the checkout process. We are still using the draft orders approach here.

Gift Box pop-up showing the free gift when a specific product is purchased

Gift Box pop-up showing the free gift when a specific product is purchased

Obviously, when the specific product is removed from the cart, the free gift is removed as well. Both rules can be combined with different gift offers. So it’s possible to give your customers a free gift when they purchase something and also when they spend the minimum amount.

Besides the specific product, we are also working on the collection targeting. So you will be able to give the free gift if a customer purchases any product from a specific collection.

Feel free to test it live on our preview store.

How to set it up

The buy X get a free gift targeting is supported by all the free gift offer types (product, multiple products, services) besides the shipping one. To set it up simply select the gift type and in the Threshold section choose Product X Added to the Cart.

Setting up the gift offer in the Gift Box admin

Setting up the gift offer in the Gift Box admin

Click on Select a product and load any purchasable product from your Shopify store catalog.

About Gift Box

Everyone loves free gifts. Free coffee or donut when you’re buying a breakfast will make you smile. Gift Box can help you to implement this experience into online shopping. And if your customers are happier they will tend to spend more.

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Using Gift Box you will create your own free gift setup to motivate and reward your customers. You can offer free products, services (for example gift wrap), or even shipping. Monthly subscription starts at $29.99 but you can also take advantage of the free 14-day trial.

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