New Feature in Gift Box – Free Gift Selection

Since the launch of Gift Box app, we have collected many different requests for new features. One which stood out the most of all was the ability to give a customer a choice to select one free gift from many. So we have listened and today we are happy to announce this feature is now available for all our merchants.

How does it work

If a customer reaches the minimum amount, he/she will be able to select the free gift from the Gift Box pop-up. Once selected, customer can choose the specific product variant (in case of multi-variant products) or go back and change the gift selection.

Selecting Free Gift in Gift Box

Selecting Free Gift in Gift Box

All free gifts from the selection are immediately visible to customers so they are motivated by seeing them all. That also means you should keep the selection as short as possible otherwise your Gift Box will include a scroll bar.

You can also experience it yourself on our Gift Box test store.

How to set it up

Technically the multiple gifts are a new offer type. In order to set it up go to New Gift and select Free Product from a list of choices. Select products from which you would like your customers to choose from when they reach the desired minimum amount. And that’s basically it.

Gift Box Offer Types

Gift Box Offer Types

All offer types can be combined together. That means you can free shipping, free product, and free product from many in the same Gift Box.

About Gift Box

Everyone loves free gifts. Free coffee or donut when you’re buying a breakfast will make you smile. Gift Box can help you to implement this experience into online shopping. And if your customers are happier they will tend to spend more.

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Using Gift Box you will create your own free gift setup to motivate and reward your customers. You can offer free products, services (for example gift wrap), or even shipping. Monthly subscription starts at $19.99 but you can also take advantage of the free 14-day trial.

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