Candy Rack January 2019 Update – More Great Features

It’s approximately a month since we have released a December update of Candy Rack which brought a lot of new features. And here we are again, another update, and another batch of new features. All based on your great feedback, thank you!

1. Matching Parent Product’s Quantity

A lot of merchants have been asking us for this one. The typical problem is your customer is buying 4 units of single product, and you would like to offer him 4 units of upsell product. For example, someone is buying 4 iPhones and you would like to offer him 4 warranties, not just one.

Matching parent product's quantity on the upsell pop-up

Matching parent product’s quantity on the upsell pop-up

So we have listened and added a new feature called Matching Parent Product’s Quantity. It does what it says and you can enable/disable it on the offer level by going to settings of each offer. By default the option is unchecked.

Enabling this feature in offer settings

Enabling this feature in offer settings

2. Offers Sorting

Another popular one. A lot of our merchants are upselling multiple products/services on a single pop-up. And of course, they would love to have some control over the sort of upsells. Before, the upsells were sorted based on their creation date.

Sorting upsells on the pop-up

Sorting upsells on the pop-up

Now you can simply go to offer settings and set the position of each offer. The lower the position you set, the higher the offer will be on the pop-up. If you set two offers with the same position, the latest one will be higher.

3. Displaying Discounts in the Cart

In general, the Shopify platform is working very sloppy with the discounts. One of the main issues our merchants are dealing with is the missing discount on the cart page. Before the discount was presented on the pop-up, but when a customer got to the cart, it disappeared and re-appeared again during the checkout.

Displaying upsell discounts in the cart

Displaying upsell discounts in the cart

We have optimized this, so now the discount is shown on the cart page. Yet it is still not reflected on the price and total, but we will work on that!

4. Detailed Analytics

Some of the advanced merchants, like our friends from DFTBA, requested even more detailed analytics. The new sales report is accessible from the Settings section and can be generated for specific dates.

Detailed sales report is now available in the app settings

Detailed sales report is now available in the app settings

It includes the performance of each offer per day, so you can compare offers and also evaluate some simple tests. The report is generated right away in the browser session in the CSV format which you can easily open/edit in Excel. So happy analyzing!

5. Dozens of Other Fixes

Besides the new features, we have also fixed dozens of design/layout glitches. Some of them reported by our merchants, some of them we found by ourselves.

But also some logical ones, like not offering products on the pop-up which are out-of-stock and/or can’t be purchased. We have also improved the app performance, so the dashboard is loading faster.

What’s Coming Next?

There is so much more going on right now. Besides working hard on Candy Rack, we have one more super simple app in the approval process and working on another one. Stay tuned!

About Candy Rack

Candy Rack is an upsell app for Shopify which allow merchants to offer custom services or bundle products to increase the store revenue. Upsells are offered via slick pop-up which looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The average upsell conversion the merchants are achieving is around 5%.

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Candy Rack is priced at $19.99 per month, but you can also try a 14-day risk-free trial.

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