Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Out Of Stock Last

Out Of Stock Last is a plugin for Shopify which allows store owners to automatically sort products in their collections, so the ones which are out of stock are at the end, yet still visible. The app itself is really simple, but below are the most common questions. If your question is missing, just ask us!

How does the app work?

Out Of Stock Last is a super simple app which will automatically sort products in a selected collection(s) by their availability. Products which are out of stock will be put to the end of the collection(s). So your customers will still be able to view them, add them to wishlists etc. but they will be at the end.

The app is basically taking all sold-out products which can’t be sold (e.g. the box “Allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock” is unchecked) and moving them towards the end of the collection.

What is it for?

Out Of Stock Last is suitable for stores which have visible sold-out products, but they don’t want to show them at the top among the in-stock products. Especially if customers can’t buy a product which is sold-out, it doesn’t make much sense to present it in the top positions of your catalog.

But it still makes a huge sense to keep the product visible, so people can find it on Google and visit your store.

How to use it?

The app itself is very simple. After the installation, you will see a list of all your store collections. To order a collection just switch the Auto-Sort toggle button to green state and in a couple of seconds (or minutes, if your collection has hundreds of products) the collection will be sorted.

The app doesn’t work and my products aren’t sorted

If you have installed the app and your products are still not sorted by their availability, please make sure you have enabled Auto-Sort at a specific or all collections in your store.

If you have the Auto-Sort enabled and the collection is still unsorted, please let us know via the in-app chat and we will be happy to look into it.

Does the app also sort in-stock products?

No, it keeps the current sort (even if it’s manual) and simply takes the products which sold out and move them to the end of the collection.

What if I am using manual sort of any collection(s)?

That’s no problem. We will keep the manual sort of yours and only pick sold out products and move them to the end. Once they are back in stock they will be put to their original position.

Can I sort products manually?

Currently, this isn’t supported. Sold-out products are sorted automatically by their last update. In the future, we may consider adding something like a manual sort of sold-out products.

What if my sold-out products are hidden by default?

The app doesn’t change the product visibility itself. It only changes the order of visible products. To make your sold-out products visible, you need to adjust the store/theme settings.

How can I contact you?

If you have any question or request don’t hesitate to contact us using the in-app chat in the bottom right corner or this form.