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QA Engineer


Prague | Remote

Work schedule



Employee | Contractor

monthly salary

80.000 – 120.000 CZK

required experience


required languages


Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced QA engineer that will help us to set up quality assurance processes in our company. You are the QA expert so we will listen to you and you will decide the priorities. We have the following expectations but we are open for discussion.

  • You will be responsible for overall quality of our products
  • You will set up and continually improve QA process in our R&D team
  • You will automatize high level tests (integration tests, visual tests)
  • You will cooperate on feature analysis, provide critical thinking and design test cases
  • You will become our products super user (knowledge about how the products work and what it is set out to do)


  • Programming skills at least at medior level
  • Understanding of modern web applications concepts & development
  • Knowledge of the principles of testing and analysis of both the source code and the apps.
  • Skilled in dev-ops (or willing to learn) in order to be able to create high-level automated tests and to set up testing environments.
  • Willing to understand deeply our products from business and customer perspective

Our tech stack

  • Backend: Python (3.8) Django (3.2), REST framework, PostgreSQL, Redis, RQ (alternative to Celery)
  • Frontend:  ReactJS (16.12), Typescript (3.9), Tailwind CSS (1.8), Styled Components (5.2), React Hook Form (6.3)
  • Testing tools: Standard Python unit tests, Cypress, Jest, CircleCI  
  • GitHub, Heroku, Slack, Notion, JIRA

Why join us

  • Our apps have a real impact on clients' businesses. Often seen immediately. There is no doubt we truly help and create additional value for our clients.
  • We are no startup, "business as usual" company, or even corporate. We are a dynamic company that combines the best from each world. A company where people enjoy working and create additional value.
  • We don't have any external investors (neither are we looking for any). Everything we do is bootstrapped. We do things our way, making sense to our clients and us. Common sense and customer-centricity are our key values. Besides that, we also help others in need and respect our planet. That's why this year we aim to become a carbon-neutral company.
  • We operate as a truly remote-first and async-first company. Anyone can freely choose their workplace and time because we care about the outputs and results.

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