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DevOps Engineer


Prague | Remote

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Full-time | Part-time


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90.000 – 130.000 CZK / month

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Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer who will help us bring automation, reliability, and scalability of our infrastructure to the next level. You will be the first DevOps engineer in the team so you will have a lot of freedom in decision-making but  at the same time, a lot of responsibility. To give you a brief idea of what challenges are ahead of us, here's a list of issues that we're currently struggling the most with:

  • Weak monitoring of our services: sometimes it is the customers who report an outage
  • Zero infrastructure as a code: a new environment can only be created manually via dashboards of our infrastructure providers
  • No auto-scaling: we're losing money by running resources that we don't need
  • A missing status page that our team and customers could rely on
  • Advanced Postgres management: moving large datasets, upgrading to new versions without an outage, setting up proper backup strategy are among our needs
  • Implementing the Git-Ops approach to our SDLC
  • Dockerization of our services: not all of our products are currently dockerized


  • DevOps working experience
  • Understanding of modern web applications concepts & development
  • Experience with relational databases operation & maintenance (we mostly use Postgres)
  • Experience with writing infrastructure as a code (Terraform)
  • Experience with setting up and operating monitoring & alerting systems

Will be a plus

  • Experience with Heroku and AWS
  • Experience with Elastic products (we use Elastic APM and are interested in expanding the usage of the Elastic stack)

Our tech stack

  • Infrastructure: Heroku, Postgres, Redis, Mailgun, Cloud Flare, CircleCI, Sentry, Papertrail, Elastic APM, AWS
  • Backend: Python, Django, RQ (alternative to Celery)
  • Frontend: TypeScript, React
  • Tools: Slack, JIRA, Notion, Loom

Why join us

  • Our apps have a real impact on clients' businesses. Often seen immediately. There is no doubt we truly help and create additional value for our clients
  • We are no startup, "business as usual" company, or even corporate. We are a dynamic company that combines the best from each world. A company where people enjoy working and create additional value
  • We don't have any external investors (neither are we looking for any). Everything we do is bootstrapped. We do things our way, making sense to our clients and us. Common sense and customer-centricity are our key values. Besides that, we also help others in need and respect our planet
  • We operate as a truly remote-first and async-first company. Anyone can freely choose their workplace and time because we care about the outputs and results.

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