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Backend Developer Upsell Team


Prague | Remote

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80.000 – 120.000 CZK / month

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Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced developer to join our biggest team called Upsell. The team is responsible for three Shopify upsell apps (Candy Rack, Candy Cart, and Last Upsell). These apps are among the most important for us today, which is why we are looking for new hires. You will join a team of 5 members divided into FE and BE parts.


  • You enjoy solving complex tasks and challenges in Python and Django.
  • You have experience with at least one commercial project developed in Python and solid knowledge of at least one web framework (Django / Flask / FastAPI / etc.). You understand web applications.
  • You were solving performance issues on the application level (i.e., slow HTTP requests, SQL queries, etc.).
  • You can take overall responsibility for bigger tasks. You can do technical analysis based on  business requirements, gather required inputs from the teams, implement, and oversee the new feature's successful deployment.
  • You are comfortable communicating with other teams/colleagues. You are proactive, open to suggestions and feedback, can pitch and prove your solution.
  • You have experience working remotely. Not just because of Covid. We have an office in Prague-Karlin that is fully available for you but our team is remote-first.

Our tech stack

  • Backend is based on Django + PostgreSQL. API for the frontend is built internally in the REST framework. Asynchronous tasks are based on Django-RQ. All our technologies are up to date (Python 3.8, Django 3.2)
  • Fronted is based on React.
  • Our apps are built on the Shopify platform, so using Shopify APIs is our daily routine. Btw. Shopify is an extremely developer-friendly platform and community –  the Shopify CEO is an ex-developer. It's a great chance to learn and inspire from their APIs and SDKs.
  • Apps are hosted on Heroku.
  • Source codes are on Github.
  • We communicate via Slack, share internal knowledge in Notion. And for product management via use JIRA.

Why join us

  • Our apps are still relatively small (from the technological POV). So we can fine-tune the details and release a new feature within a few days. Or do a refactoring that has an immediate impact.
  • We have cracked the development process – setup environment, continuous integration, code reviews, testing, deployment, etc. All these initial pains are solved.
  • Our apps and online stores have a real impact on clients' businesses. Often seen immediately. There is no doubt we truly help and create additional value for our clients.
  • We are no startup, "business as usual" company, or even corporate. We are a dynamic company that combines the best from each world. A company where people enjoy working and create additional value.
  • We don't have any external investors (neither are we looking for any). Everything we do is bootstrapped. We do things our way, making sense to our clients and us. Common sense and customer-centricity are our key values. Besides that, we also help others in need and respect our planet. That's why this year we aim to become a carbon-neutral company.
  • We operate as a truly remote-first and async-first company. Anyone can freely choose their workplace and time because we care about the outputs and results.

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