How to show upsell pop-up on your home page

You can enable Candy Rack pop-up on home page by adding a script to your index.liquid file. To do so, please follow these three steps.

➡️ Step 1 – Edit your theme

First, go to Themes and click Edit code on the currently active theme.

➡️ Step 2 – Add a custom script to your template

In your Templates folder, you should see index.liquid file. Open it and add the following code to the bottom of the file.


➡️ Step 3 – Replace the default handle

Please make sure you replace YOUR_PRODUCT_HANDLE by the handle of the product you have on your home page. The product handle is the last part of your product URL after products/.

For example, the product handle for the product below is “moving-in-terminal-sticker” and the script to trigger pop-up on the home page is:

  CANDYRACK_PRODUCT_HANDLE = "moving-in-terminal-sticker"

Now everything should be set and you can go ahead and test if the pop-up is triggered right on your home page. If not, please contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

Happy upselling,

Your Digismoothie Team

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