Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Candy Cart – Upsell in Cart

What is Candy Cart for?

Candy Cart is an upsell app which is designed for upselling customers right before they reach the checkout. It’s the last chance when you can offer something extra to your customer before he/she pays.

How do I create an upsell?

To create your first upsell simply click on New Upsell button in the top-right corner and follow these steps:

  • Select the relevant upsell type and click on Customize
  • Set up the upsell by choosing an upsell product/service and description
  • Save and activate the upsell
  • Go to your store and click on the Checkout button to see the upsell pop-up in action

For more detailed information including screenshots and video, please read our full guide on how to create your first upsell.

The upsell pop-up is not displayed when I click on the Checkout. Why?

This could be caused by several things.

  • Please make sure you wait a couple of seconds before clicking on the Checkout button to make sure the page and all scripts are fully loaded. The Candy Cart script is loaded asynchronously in order not to slow down the rest of the page. If you feel the script is loading to slow, please let us know and we’ll be happy to implement it directly to your theme which should improve the overall reliability and speed.
  • Also, please make sure the offered upsell products are in-stock and can be purchased.
  • Rarely, Candy Cart may not be fully compatible with your theme and therefore is not able to identify the Checkout button click. If that’s the case please contact us via the in-app chat here or at

I am offering a discounted upsell but the discount doesn’t work. Why?

This is very likely caused by a conflict between Candy Cart discounts and some other discounting/pricing/checkout app which is installed on the same store. Most often we see this happening with apps from Bold, HulkApps, and other developers.

Unfortunately, that’s not something we can fix on our side. When this happens you have a couple of options:

  • Use Candy Cart only to control upsells and another app for discounting
  • Contact developers of the other app and ask them to allow Candy Cart discounts
  • Keep using only one of these apps

In general, discounting on the Shopify platform is very tricky since Shopify allows only a single discount coupon to be used per order. That creates various limitations and obstacles.

How to add more upsell offers on one pop-up?

Simply create a new upsell and use the same targeting. When targeting rules are matched, all eligible offers are displayed on the pop-up.

You can also control their position (order) on the pop-up using the Upsell position in the Advanced Configuration of each offer.

Can I change the wording or design of the pop-up?

Yes, you can. Simply go to Settings and change the wording and color of the main button.

For advanced changes, you can also insert your custom CSS code. Read our article about adjusting the pop-up style for more details and tips.

How many active offers can I have on one store?

There is no limit, you can have as many as you like. The pop-up window is responsive and will handle the practically infinite number of offers via a scrollbar.

Can customers still use discount coupons during the checkout?

Unfortunately, not. Our app is using a draft orders approach for any upsell (even the non-discounted one). That means the discount coupon field is not available during the checkout.

We definitely plan to work on this in the near future so customers will be able to use custom discounts. At least for the non-discounted upsells.

Who is providing the pre-defined services (Gift Packaging, Extended Warranty) in the app?

These are just examples. We are not providing any services, we are just offering a tool to offer them to your customers. You are solely responsible for any services you will be offering through our app on your store.

What does the Performance Summary in the Dashboard mean?

Performance Summary tracks the performance of your offers. Views mean how many times your customers saw any offer. Transactions mean how many of them you have successfully sold and Sales for how much. Take Rate is the percentual take rate of your offers (e.g. Transactions divided by Views).

How do I cancel the subscription?

To cancel the existing subscription simply uninstall the app using the Shopify Apps dashboard in your admin area. Once uninstalled the subscription is canceled automatically and you won’t receive any further charges to your account.

How can I ask for a refund?

To ask for a refund you need to get in touch with the Shopify support team. We can’t initiate the refund process from our side as the billing for the app subscription is managed by the Shopify platform. We usually review the refund requests on a case-by-case basis and trying to be fair.

How do I uninstall the app?

To uninstall the app simply go to your Shopify Apps dashboard and click on the “bin” icon. Once uninstalled the app doesn’t leave any leftover (pieces of code) in your themes.

Unless we manually insert the script tag directly into your theme. When it happens it’s always per your request and we never do it without your permission. The script is located in the theme.liquid file.

How can I contact you?

If you have a question or request don’t hesitate to contact us using the chat in the bottom right corner or at