Latest Candy Rack Update Bring Product Bundles

After almost 2 weeks we have updated our Shopify app for upselling called Candy Rack. Besides fixing a few bugs and design issues, we have added a new feature. The new feature allows merchants to bundle products.

Previously you could only choose from the list of pre-defined services or create a custom one. Now you can offer any product from your Shopify catalog and set up a custom targeting. For example, you can offer a helmet when a customer adds a bicycle to the cart, or batteries to an electronic gadget.

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Candy Rack product bundles work with both simple and variable products. We are very proud of the UX of the pop-up window which works great even with the variant selectors and on mobile devices.

On top of that, you can add a discount (percentage or absolute) to the offered product to motivate customers to add it to their order. You can still combine multiple offers on a single pop-up. So bundled product can be offered with gift packaging or extended warranty.

First Candy Rack Reviews

We are also super happy to get the first app users who are actively using the app and it works very well for them (e.g. generating business). Few of them were so kind to give as a review and so far we keep the 5-star rating, thank you so much, guys!

First three Candy Rack reviews
First three Candy Rack reviews

How to Setup a Product Bundle

Activating bundle product is very similar to any other offer. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Candy Rack app and click on New Offer in the top-right menu
  • Click on Customize to set up a custom bundle or Activate (will automatically use your last product in the catalog and offer it for all products)
  • Select a Bundled Product (e.g. the product which you would like to offer on the pop-up) from your store catalog
  • Fill-in Product Description (e.g. why should customers add it to their order)
  • If relevant Apply a discount (otherwise standard store price will be used)
  • Select product(s) or collection(s) for Targetting (e.g. for which parent products will this bundle be offered)
  • Confirm by Save and Activate

Go ahead and give Candy Rack a try using the free 14-day trial.

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